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“This is the image of the vain World, and the triumph of the flesh,
Where the greedy, rapacious demon always holds away.
Riches is busy with Venus, evil furor with Love;
both are in a blind rage, both do not know measure.
Let these be the antidote and cure for immoral sorrow:
Fasting, tears, or better: contrition over evil.”

This collection is an antidote itself. To all of our sorrow. Purity, grace, fluidity. All act as a cure.

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Siena ElbiseSiena Elbise
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Lyra YelekLyra Yelek
Lyra Yelek İndirimli fiyat14,950.00₺
Freya ElbiseFreya Elbise
Freya Elbise İndirimli fiyat20,825.00₺
Stella ElbiseStella Elbise
Stella Elbise İndirimli fiyat25,440.00₺
Roxy ElbiseRoxy Elbise
Roxy Elbise İndirimli fiyat28,865.00₺
Bellatrix ElbiseBellatrix Elbise
Bellatrix Elbise İndirimli fiyat23,565.00₺
Vega ElbiseVega Elbise
Vega Elbise İndirimli fiyat21,765.00₺
Rigel ElbiseRigel Elbise
Rigel Elbise İndirimli fiyat23,450.00₺
Tara TakımTara Takım
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Aster BluzAster Bluz
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Carrie ElbiseCarrie Elbise
Carrie Elbise İndirimli fiyat19,575.00₺
Parsha ElbiseParsha Elbise
Parsha Elbise İndirimli fiyat16,250.00₺
Sun ElbiseSun Elbise
Sun Elbise İndirimli fiyat23,095.00₺
Ruby BluzRuby Bluz
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Alice ElbiseAlice Elbise
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Vexana ElbiseVexana Elbise
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