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“This is the image of the vain World, and the triumph of the flesh,
Where the greedy, rapacious demon always holds away.
Riches is busy with Venus, evil furor with Love;
both are in a blind rage, both do not know measure.
Let these be the antidote and cure for immoral sorrow:
Fasting, tears, or better: contrition over evil.”

This collection is an antidote itself. To all of our sorrow. Purity, grace, fluidity. All act as a cure.

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Siena Dress Siena Dress
Siena Dress Sale price21,250.00₺
Lyra VestLyra Vest
Lyra Vest Sale price14,950.00₺
Freya DressFreya Dress
Freya Dress Sale price20,825.00₺
Stella DressStella Dress
Stella Dress Sale price25,440.00₺
Roxy DressRoxy Dress
Roxy Dress Sale price28,865.00₺
Bellatrix DressBellatrix Dress
Bellatrix Dress Sale price23,565.00₺
Vega DressVega Dress
Vega Dress Sale price21,765.00₺
Rigel DressRigel Dress
Rigel Dress Sale price23,450.00₺
Tara SuitTara Suit
Tara Suit Sale price26,355.00₺
Aster BlouseAster Blouse
Aster Blouse Sale price20,675.00₺
Carrie DressCarrie Dress
Carrie Dress Sale price19,575.00₺
Parsha DressParsha Dress
Parsha Dress Sale price16,250.00₺
Sun DressSun Dress
Sun Dress Sale price23,095.00₺
Ruby BlouseRuby Blouse
Ruby Blouse Sale price10,365.00₺
Alice DressAlice Dress
Alice Dress Sale price35,000.00₺
Vexana DressVexana Dress
Vexana Dress Sale price23,170.00₺